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#DaysOut Step back into history at Beamish Museum

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Step back into the past and experience a sense of magic at Beamish, the North of England’s famous Open Air Museum.

In 1958 Dr Frank Atkinson had a magnificent vision to bring the region’s rich mining and industrial history to life in a museum, and Beamish was born.

Beamish perfectly captures the aromas, sights and sounds of rural and urban North East England at the height of the industrialisation!

What is there to explore?

1820s Pockerly:

Step back to the Georgian times and explore Joe the Quilter’s Cottage, a recreation of renowned Georgian quilter Joseph Hedley’s home!

Pockerly Old Hall is the home to the tenant farmer and is surrounded by rich gardens containing the best Georgian herbs, vegetables and plants.


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1900s Town:

Discover the Masonic Hall with crazy symbols and furnishings or simply rest in Redman Park – there’s often bass bands playing in the band stand.

Alternatively, wander around the shops, bank or houses of this charming 1900s town – you might stumble upon someone baking traditional cookies!


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1900s Pit Village:

The village shows the daily life of mining families, from their little cottages, local church to the school attended by the children – try and stay for a lesson!

Look out for the communal bread oven behind the houses – there’s often scrumptious homemade bread baking inside!


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1900s Colliery:

The prosperity of the North East originated in the mining pits, with generations of families working in the mining industry!

Learn about the dangers of working in the mines in the Lamp Cabin or take a guided tour in the makeshift Mahogany Drift Mine.


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1940s farm:

The farm is perfect for little or large animal lovers as there’s a selection of animals to visit, along with tractors and other farming tools.

If there’s cooking in the Aga, it’ll be rations as this farm is set in the “make do and mend” era – when many evacuees were sent to live in the countryside!


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UPDATE – the next Beamish trip is 29th September for £13.50* per adult and £12.50* per child

Make sure you don’t miss out on a trip to Beamish with Enterprise Travel , call 01325 286924 to book or request a brochure now!

*Admission is not included

Horse racing

#ThinkCoach for the Races: don’t worry about transport, worry about your outfit!

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The sun is beginning to appear, beer gardens are filling up and you’re starting to plan your summer outings – what about a quintessentially British day at the races?

Horse racing originated amongst the tribesmen of Central Asia and is reported across many countries throughout history.

Horse racing in the UK is traced back as early as the 12th century and it’s well-known that King Charles II regularly held horse races (between two horses) as a form of entertainment.

Underneath Queen Anne’s reign in the early 1700s, horse racing became a betting sport and the racers increased from two to as many as fifteen.

The races lady

In 1711, horse racing became a professional sport in the UK, Royal Ascot was born, and racecourses erupted across the country.

Horse racing today is a mix of old and contemporary traditions, from boozing on champagne, XXL fascinators and the not-so-new obsessive gambling.

Although Royal Ascot is Britain’s most prestigious racing event, there are many others you can attend from the British Classics to cheaper local racing events with a less strict dress code.

Whether it’s Thirsk Racecourse or Ascot Racecourse you’re attending, transport should be stress-free and seamless – Enterprise Travel drivers may not wear fascinators, but they are uniformed and professional.

Enterprise Travel has a range of vehicles available so you can arrive however you like from 16-seater with disability access, larger standard coaches to our deluxe V.I.P. coach for the more bougie race-goers.

If you’re not a horse racing fan, don’t let that put you off – there’s many other trips we can accommodate, simply contact us with your request and we can provide you with a quote!

Get a quote here or call 01325 286924 for more information.