#ThinkCoach Corporate events and team building (no trust falls)

By 17th January 2019#ThinkCoach
Team Building

Have you noticed glum faces around the office? Stress is a common problem in the workplace.

A busy work environment can push certain employees to achieve their goals, but too much stress can have negative effects on individuals, team members and the company!

Whilst team building is positive for the individual on a business level, team building can also improve problem-solving skills, identify strengths and weaknesses and develop leadership skills.

The location of your corporate event is entirely dependent on company goals and preference.

Here are some ideas for fun team building destinations:

Tough Mudder:

You’ve seen it draped across Facebook – this 5KM obstacle course puts teamwork to the test – and your team will dig it!

Tough Mudder

Den of Dragons:

Recognise this from TV? Prepare a business pitch and present it to a team of dragons, perfect for innovating and stimulating your employees – are you in?

Leather Chair

Escape Rooms:

Growing in popularity across the UK, escape rooms unlock your problem-solving skills – with themes ranging from ‘90s classic The Crystal Maze to cult horror film SAW.

Lock on door

Sausage making:

If your team is a group of vegetarians or vegans, stay away – but for the carnivorous companies, designing and marketing your own sausage is a creative and tasty way to connect!


Seminars and conferences:

Are none of these suitable? You can always get your team to attend a conference or seminar, this is great for expanding sector knowledge and networking!

Conference and seminar

Wherever you decide to take your team, you’ll have to arrange transport so why not #ThinkCoach?

Enterprise Travel has a range of vehicles from 33 to 70 seats – we’ll get your employees there punctually and comfortably!

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