#DaysOut – Whitby Goth Weekend

By 4th October 2018#Daysout
#DaysOut – Whitby Goth Weekend

Thousands of goths will be travelling from all over the UK to Whitby this month for the annual goth weekend. Hold on, hold on – don’t make up your mind just yet!

The festival is not just about goths – it is centred around alternative music, shopping, cars, costumes and quirky events. All are welcome – even if you just want to be goth for a weekend. And if you love Halloween, the Whitby Goth Weekend is a must!

The festival is from the 26th to the 28th of October. Don’t worry about getting there –  we’ll arrange a Halloween trip for you and your friends and take you and bring you back from ‘spooky land’!

What is the Whitby Goth Weekend about?

The Whitby Goth Weekend began in 1994 when a group of pen-pals got a few bands together and picked Hampshire and Whitby for the cities’ Dracula connections. The festival has now grown to be one of the world’s most popular goth events.

In the last 10 years, the October weekend has been held on or near Halloween which attracts large numbers of non-goths that either dress up in Halloween costumes or historical or sci-fi costumes.

The festival now also attracts other alternative subcultures, including punks, rockers, Victoriana, members of the steampunk subgenre and many more.  You see – you don’t need to be ‘goth’ to visit the event!

Things to do at the festival:

The Whitby Goth Weekend has a lot to offer for all visitors’, goths and non-goths. Events such as the Whitby Kustom Car Show and the Bizarre Bazaar Alternative Market are regular events that take place every year. Here are some more details about these activities:

Whitby Kustom Car Show

We love cars, we love coaches and this show is right up our street. No need to be a goth to appreciate Kustoms in their greatness.  The Whitby Kustom show had been described as “a visual spectacle never before seen in the UK” and “an experience not to be missed”.

All cars are pre-1975 and the show is situated close to the town centre.

Find out more here.

Bizarre Bazzar Alternative Market

Stop by the alternative market to warm up with a bite to eat, a hot drink or treat yourself to a spooky souvenir and goth clothing.

The Bizarre Bazaar Alternative Market is a three-day shopping extravaganza from the 26th to the 28th of October with opening hours on Friday and Saturday from 10.00am to 5.00pm and Sunday from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Entry is free and the market features over 100 stalls selling everything from alternative clothing and jewellery to cakes and wine.

The Bizarre Bazaar Alternative Market takes place at the Whitby Leisure Centre and at the Whitby Brunswick Centre.

Find out more here.

Illuminated Abbey

Okay now this is a must see! The Whitby Abbey is a stunning building that is visited by tourists all year round but this month you have the opportunity to see a more dramatic and spookier Abbey.

From the 25th to the 31st of October you can view the Whitby Abbey in a new light. The Illuminations make a stunning view, so make sure to have your camera ready to snap some shots.

Check the ticket prices here.


We know how much our followers love Whitby and visiting Whitby at this time of the year is an experience you will never forget.

If you want to visit the Whitby Abbey or Whitby during the goth weekend, we’ve got your transportation! You can easily request a quote or request a call back. Our 33-seat midi coach is ideal for day hires for small to medium groups of people.