#ThinkCoach – Top heritage sites to visit

By 20th June 2018#ThinkCoach
#ThinkCoach - Top heritage sites to visit

England has hundreds and hundreds of award-winning heritage attractions that can be ideal for fun day excursions. You might not believe us but here at Enterprise Travel we are really into history and all that…stuff!

Joking aside, the team and I do have some favourite heritage sites that we would like to share with you:

Hadrian’s Wall

Are you a sucker for dramatic scenery? If yes, Hadrian’s Wall is the ideal heritage site for you to visit. If no… what’s wrong with you?!

Hadrian’s Wall is a spectacular 73-mile World Heritage Site full of history and stunning views but if, like me, you are not a keen walker it’s best to cover a short section of the wall or visit the most popular sights.

The wall’s most dramatic site is Housesteads, is the best-preserved fort and the best location to take stunning pictures of the wall disappearing into the distance.

Here at Enterprise Travel we always want you to make the most of our day excursions, so a day trip to Hadrian’s wall can be planned depending on what you would like to see in the area.

Fountains Abbey

Fountains Abbey is one of the best-preserved ruined monasteries in England and is a listed building owned by the National Trust.

Surrounded by the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside this heritage site has a lot to offer for a fun day out. On your visit you will learn all about the history of the abbey and take in the beautiful gardens, statues and views.

The abbey is also known for its wildlife: see the butterflies fluttering through the garden and even take pictures of the 300 deer living in the park.

Have a delicious meal in the visitor centre restaurant where a range of seasonal food will be offered to you or snack in the abbey tea room while enjoying the lakeside views. Taste delicious chutneys, teas or buy some to take home from the gift shop.

The abbey is open daily throughout the year and school groups are allowed. Guided tours and events are available, find out more here.

Salts Mill

Finally, Salts Mill is our hidden gem and absolute favourite destination for a day trip. Saltaire is a beautiful and historic place with lovely old buildings, canals, shops, pubs, gardens and many more. We believe it’s the perfect location for a day excursion as you can explore and see everything in one day.

Salts Mill is a former textile mill that is now redeveloped to an art gallery, shopping centre and restaurant complex in Saltaire, West Yorkshire. The building is named after Sir Titus Salt and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Salts Mill might be one of the better-known destinations, but we believe it’s a must-see heritage site. You can start your day trip by visiting the art gallery in Salts Mill, have a lunch break in one of the restaurants and then go off exploring Saltaire.


Here at Enterprise Travel we have a great relationship with over 40 schools and colleges in Darlington.  Our coaches are suitable for school trips, should it be for 20 students or 70 students and all our drivers are DBS checked and professionally trained.

We know that planning a school trip can be very stressful, with all the paperwork that although necessary, take up valuable time. At Enterprise Travel we’re always looking for ways to better the service we offer, with this in mind, we’re now happy to offer a school pack that has a collection of documents within it that may be useful to you.

Find out what’s included in our school pack here.

Whether you want to visit your favourite heritage site with a group of friends or want to travel to a specific event with your family, our coaches are suitable for all groups.

Contact us for your next day excursion and we will provide you with great rates and a fun and safe day trip!