#ThinkCoach – 4 travel headaches you can avoid by getting an airport transfer

By 30th May 2018#ThinkCoach
#ThinkCoach - 4 travel headaches you can avoid by getting an airport transfer

Travelling to and from the airport can be stressful whether it is business travel or vacation.  Furthermore, the anxieties and frustrations of travelling with heavy suitcases and the costs of transportation can make your journey unbearable.

If you want to reduce your stress levels and cut down the cost of parking fees and travel costs, airport transfers can be a great option for a stress-free and fast transport. An airport transfer will provide you, your family and friends with transport from your home town to the airport and back.

By hiring an airport transfer service, you can enjoy a smoother ride and avoid these 4 travel headaches:

1.      Being late

Travelling to the airport by train can be extremely stressful due to delayed time tables, transfers, currying luggage and more.

Using a car can similarly be very stressful if you encounter traffic, get lost or have the wrong directions to the airport. By hiring our airport transfer service, you are in the safe hands of our experienced drivers, who know their way around and will drive you safely to the airport.

A coach will pick you up on time and will get you to the airport on time, with no changes that will affect your journey. Many travellers worry about missing their flights, which causes significant stress, but when hiring airport transfer you will be dropped off on time and you can calmly check in and enjoy your journey.

Enterprise Travel drops you off right outside the terminal entrance so there is no time to waste walking though car parks.

2.      Fuel cost & travel cost

Where do we start: Fuel cost? Airport parking costs? Taxi costs? Public transportation costs?

If you are driving to the airport with your own car then you need to consider fuel costs and the cost of airport parking, or the cost for arranging for someone else to drop you off and take your car back.

Hiring a taxi service can also be very expensive, especially if you consider the distance between your home to the airport. Likewise, if you are using public transportation you are most likely going to need to pay for multiple modes of transportation in order to get to your destination on time.

Next, hiring an airport transfer can be especially cost effective when you are travelling with a group of family and friends.

3.      Feeling of insecurity

The feeling of insecurity when travelling to the airport or back is very common and sometimes minor setbacks like missing a train or a bus can create a more serious problem. Travelling with a group can be even more stressful and disorganised. Furthermore, if you are travelling with a large number of suitcases, there’s a risk of losing your belongings.

An airport shuttle coach can fit a large number of passengers and can carry all your belongings safely.

4.      Uncomfortable journey

Being uncomfortable is everybody’s worse nightmare when travelling. Taking public transportation – especially for a family or a group of people with many suitcases – can be very uncomfortable. Dragging heavy suitcases, changing transport, not finding enough seats for everyone, checking on the kids every 5 seconds… it can all be a bit too much.

Using an airport transfer service will put your mind at ease about everything: your luggage is safe, your trip is sorted, and all you have to do is just relax and enjoy the journey to the airport.

Our coaches offer the highest quality, with spacious seats, heating, air conditioning, a fun atmosphere and of course very friendly drivers.


Anyone who has travelled before can see all the benefits of utilising an airport transfer service! Enterprise Travel is conveniently situated between Newcastle and Leeds airport and we offer airport transfers all year round.

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